Benefits of Going Green With a Vintage Twist


Did you know that house plants can lower your stress levels? They can also help you be healthier and heal faster. Other green benefits, as mentioned in this HGTV article, include: make our air fresher by removing pollutants, bump up our creativity and concentration, add oxygen and there’s evidence that plant owners are more caring and empathetic. Domain magazine mentions, “Plants help to increase our levels of positivity and make us feel more secure and relaxed. They can also help with loneliness and depression. Caring for a living thing gives us a purpose and is rewarding…”

Yes, please, to all of the above! I like to amp up the happy factor that plants bring into our home with either a classic terracotta pot for texture and simplicity, or, more often, a colorful vintage planter.  Succulents really pop against a cheery yellow McCoy planter! Over the last year, when I’m on the vintage hunt, I’m often drawn to planters…particularly, quirky animals or retro heads. Double the fun and dose of positivity in my opinion!

Posy has a whole stash of creative, colorful or classic planters now in the shop!

In case you need a little guidance when planting succulents, which seems to be the trend that just won’t quit, I found this article by Southern Living Magazine to be helpful. My local nursery walked me through the basics and my succulents have been rocking it! I started with a layer of charcoal and then filled the container with soil meant specifically for succulents (took away the need to mix in sand) and then I only water when the soil’s dry.

Now for the fun part! Pick out your plant and a fun planter and you’re on the way to healthier and happier days!

Here are some planter options in Posy’s shop…ranging from quirky ducks to classic McCoys:

Vintage Christmas Obsession


Vintage Christmas is one of my favorite things to shop and display! I’m always keeping an eye out for retro holiday…because those details, materials, colors! Festive and quality. This was definitely one of my best holiday collections yet, and based on the amount that sold, I’d say Posy customers are right there with me and my Christmas decor obsession! Pieces came from as far as Ohio and Illinois and as close as the Blue Ridge Parkway, Tennessee and local estate sales. With a year of buying trips and yard sales, I can’t wait to see what I’ll find next…and, of course, which pieces I’ll share in Posy’s shop!
















Felt Ball Garland Tutorial




A felt ball garland is such a fun and bright way to add a splash of color and festivity to your holiday decor…or to any space year round! In case you’re interested in making one on your own, here’s a quick tutorial to show you how: ‘

First, get a strong needle with a bigger eye for lacing yarn or even baker’s twine, your felt balls (my garland uses 50 balls) and a length of yarn (I use just over 10 feet of yarn to get a 9 foot garland) and poke through the center of your felt ball.



Move the ball to toward the end of your yarn, leaving a tail to hang the garland from (I prefer about 6″ of tail at each end).


Now, we want to knot the yarn so that the ball doesn’t move and once the garland is complete, so they won’t all become a tangled mess. Put your needle through a smidge of the ball right in front of where your previous yarn exited (the opposite side of the end tail).


This will create a loop, which I like to hold with my thumb.


You’ll then put the needle through the loop completing the knot.


Give yourself some space, I usually do about 1 3/4″-2″ before adding the next ball.  Continue adding balls until you’ve reached your desired length.  Be sure to leave another tail, the same length as the first, for hanging.


My favorite part of the process is picking colors! Whether you go the random rainbow route, or stick with a sublime pattern, it’s a fun and creative craft that I hope you’ll enjoy!


Adding vintage to your home


Oftentimes, when I’m at a market, folks ask me for ideas on how to add vintage to their home. They love the funky aesthetic of gas numbers but aren’t quite sure how to incorporate them into their decor. Or they love the whole succulent fad but don’t want to stick them into any ol’ boring pot. Or they want a touch of rusty farm to add some interest to their otherwise traditional space. Not everyone that buys vintage is whole hog into it…they like this but not macrame that. I get it! My house is a blend of hand-me-downs and IKEA/Crate & Barrel/Target/World Market/flea market. But if you ask me about my home, the pieces I’m most animated about are the vintage…the whole cliched “pieces with a story” rings true! It’s much more fun to talk about the soda crate I got off the Blue Ridge Parkway, but not so exciting to tell you about that Target Threshold cabinet I picked up along with some toilet paper. So, I thought of a few goods Posy is currently selling and found great ideas for putting them to use in your space!

I have a red gas number in my son’s room to represent his age, 4, and at his next birthday can move it to another room to highlight how many are in our family. I love the bright contrast of the red against the white walls and amid the other pops of color in this Better Homes and Garden photo:


I sold my first Serape blanket to an authentic character (cowboy hat, boots and job in leather work!) wanting to put it over the bench seat of his truck, but my current Serape could be a beautiful throw for the bedroom like this Urban Outfitters‘ number. They also make a great rug or couch cover.


I went on a bit of a toolbox/tackle box/tool caddy spree this summer, but I love their many uses.  I use my big turquoise carpenter’s chest on the screened porch for tools, painting supplies and ottoman. You can also put in those ever popular succulents or Posy’s long wooden tool caddy would be a beautiful centerpiece that could be filled seasonally!



I love the look and feel of enamelware…the durable metal with the creamy coated finish…especially when there’s bits of rust and wear showing! This gorgeous display would be a Christmas stunner!


Sometimes, I stumble across something so pretty I just have to scoop it up, even if I’m not quite sure how to use it…yet! Posy’s selling sets of 1960’s Reader Digest books and I just love this craft putting them to use that was highlighted in Country Living Magazine!


And sometimes, you just go easy. We’ve currently got some beautiful silver pieces and I love this Apartment Therapy display idea letting the silverware simply shine!


Adding vintage to your home doesn’t have to be scary, or expensive, or all over your house like Grandma’s den, but, instead, it can be fun, colorful and a creative way to include a touch of personality to make your home better reflect you!

advent calendar brainstorming


Yes, I’m already thinking about Christmas. In fact, I started embroidering acorn ornaments just yesterday. The last couple of years have taught me a lesson or two about preparation. So, while I’ll be making the usual suspects (ornaments, stockings, felt ball garlands, embroidered holiday towels, and holiday linens) I thought I’d add something new to the mix. (Side note: I have a feeling future me isn’t going to be so happy with present me!) I’d really like to do a modern advent calendar, so I’ve been brainstorming and checking out some designs online. These are my faves so far:

The first is Land of Nod but they no longer have this one available. I really like the wooden dowel idea for hanging!

handmade advent calendar

This bright felt number is from the fabulous Purl Bee:


Another Land of Nod, but again, no longer available:


mom makers


A while back, I was reading Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” looking for clues on how to make Posy successful. In the book, he talks about having an extraordinary product which in itself is your marketing tool…i.e. it’s so great, people will want to talk about it and spread the word. So, I was thinking and thinking about what amazing thing Posy did and came up with a couple of revelations. First, Posy fills the need for those wanting handmade and vintage but that don’t have the time to make or look themselves. I can wake up at 7am and scour an estate sale, or take a few hours to cross stitch a towel…we’re selling time, in a way.  Secondly, it’s not so much the spectacular stockings or napkins or whatever we’re making, it’s who is making them that’s awesome! Posy is a team of mom makers.

This year I’d like to introduce the fabulous moms behind Posy as well as highlight other mom makers that inspire me!

There are currently 3 fantastic moms sewing for Posy and one fab sister of mine orchestrating a lot of the social media and marketing.  Suzanne, my sister, has been a huge help! While I’m a Facebook novice, she’s a whiz. Same goes for setting up this lovely website as well as tackling any tech challenges thrown my way. She also helps me spread the word on fun Posy events or happenings, like our upcoming Valentine’s party (more on that soon!) and markets in which we’re participating. Most importantly, San is my own personal cheerleader. She gets excited when I’m excited and downright protective when I reach a setback. She believes in me and Posy and helps us both shine! Without further ado…I present my big sis!


“I’m a part-time stay-at-home mom and a part-time working mom. So I’m in the office three days a week and home with my younger daughter the other two. It sounds so nice, only having to work three days a week, but it’s not easy! I’m constantly pulled between two worlds – and usually feeling guilty about one while I’m engrossed in the other. With all that said, I LOVE what I do. I am so grateful to get to be a writer and stretch my brain in lots of different ways and see my work published. And I am even more grateful to have time at home with my children during the week, which is a precious commodity for working moms. Before my daughters came along (Lily is six and Sophie is three), I worked high-powered agency and corporate PR jobs that required me to be on call around the clock, often with a drink in my hand. Fun in my 20s, but definitely not compatible with motherhood. I made the switch just in time. Raw almonds are an absolute must when I’m writing (chewing helps me think). I also like a comfy chair and a window. And no screaming children nearby. That definitely helps.”

Here’s a sample of her freelance work:

And here’s a recent article from Suzanne’s day job:

(Photo taken by the immensely talented mom maker, Ann Tyer.)