olive and i had such an awesome morning together! while the boys were off at school and work, she and i headed to cary to check out the lovely gather and congratulate the talented michelle smith on her shop’s one year anniversary. (they’re having a fun bash tonight with bbq, beer and wine to celebrate!) it’s a tough thing starting your own business, particularly a brick and mortar, so it’s always a treat to get to chat with someone who understands the challenges and joys the job brings.  michelle has a great eye for design and is passionate about getting other creative small businesses and artisans into the public eye.

cheers to gather and another great year ahead!

gather (photos from their facebook page):




back in the day, 5 years ago to be precise, i worked in this cute little cottage for a work/life balance company. i was pregnant with olive and started nesting…making pillows for our shared spaces. silver lining to the company ending was the birth of posy…right after olive’s arrival!


so happy to see cary’s little downtown bustling with neat shops and new eating spots:


olive makes some new friends:


a beautiful and colorful house we spotted on our walk to the library:


olive and i enjoyed a chocolate treat with a side of grapefruit soda, compliments of gather’s in-house coffee shop:


what a fun morning and mini road trip!



long & tall


my good friend recently wrote me with a design quandary…(one of my favorite kind of emails by the way!) how to fill a great big expanse of a wall in her den. we’re talking it runs the length of her kitchen and den and is topped with a beautifully pitched ceiling. she wants to make it cozy but not cluttered. so, i got to researching, as i’ve got nothing but shorties in the wall department, and here are some looks/ideas i found:

cohesive gallery wall (go long and tall!):


divided canvases:


shelf to add texture and to create a cozy nook:


reflective twist on the gallery wall:


magnetic paint = kids’ art gallery:


shelves plus a gallery wall?! too good to be true:


you could divvy up your spaces and make the wall leading into the kitchen a “mudroom/entry”…could designate the space with beaded board or two-tone paint job:


this is tres fancy and i’m guessing my friend’s husband wouldn’t be down for a giant horse head, or maybe he would, but i like the idea of mirrors/big art/sconces to stretch your eyes down the wall and add lots of fun interest. again, the two-tone paint and chair rail cozy it up! 


shelves for keeping the pretties away from the babies and tall lamps to fill the void:


layering a rug over carpet, or another rug, helps ground the spot as well as distinguish it from the surrounding rooms: 


big focal point art:


hope this helps get your creative juices flowing!

the elusive gallery wall


why is it that the easiest looking things usually turn out to be the hardest to accomplish.  i’ve got an evolving gallery wall in our den and have been enjoying finding cool frames (like this Ikea one) and art work (love our dapper animal plates from west elm).  of course, the best pieces happen to be by our artist in residence, olive, the 5 year old wonder!

for some gallery wall inspiration:

 gallery wall_1

gallery wall_2

gallery wall_3

gallery wall_4

gallery wall_5

gallery wall_6

gallery wall_7

gallery wall_8

gallery wall_9

gallery wall_10