my color scheme


I’ve always thought of myself as an equal opportunity color lover, but in looking around my home and the objects I tend to gravitate toward, I’ve recently discovered that I really adore just three colors…at least for my home…blue, green and yellow. Of course, there are so many beautiful shades within those three worlds that it hardly seems as limited as just three colors. Turquoise, butter, celadon, navy, mustard, kelly, etc. Right now, my nails are minty green, the bowl for my peaches is a blue ombre and the tray for my daughter’s Lego project is a yellow chevron. It’s not to say that I don’t enjoy all the other colors and have them scattered about my home, but when I look around, those friends have definitely taken over.

(These are the first handful of images in my “Happy Home” pinterest board…as if I could hide that┬áthis is┬ámy color scheme!)

yellow armoireyellow art

yellow lamp

blue walls


blue cabinets

green entryway

green pendant

blue kitchen



my dad and i have shared a garden in my back yard for about 5 years and this, by far, is our best year yet! i think it has to do with the raised beds we finally installed. a beautiful set of 4 cedar boxes overflowing with zucchini, squash, peppers and tomatoes. the zucchini and squash have been our biggest challenge throughout our gardening days. squash borers have, apparently, gotten the word out to all their friends and family that our garden is the place to be. so, we were both quite surprised at this year’s bounty. let’s just say, by the end of the summer, i’ll be doing a squash detox.

i’ve been cooking and baking these guys every which way…zucchini parmesan crisps, squash casserole, America’s Test Kitchen’s amazingly delicious zucchini bread, raw on salads, in stir-frys, on top of pasta and finally, this weekend in the form of Whole Living’s zucchini patty sandwiches. feel free to leave some more suggestions…i’m sure we’ll have a few ready to pick!

ps. i thought the yogurt and mint topping would be a bit bland, so we whipped up a simple tzatziki sauce in it’s place. we also added some banana peppers to the sandwich…delicious!

zucchini patty sandwiches