Posy Joins the Tiny Greenhouse


So very happy to announce that Posy’s vintage wares can now be found at the lovely Tiny Greenhouse (@thetinygreenhouse), owned by Suzanne and Edgar, in Greensboro, NC!!  I’ve delivered them a whole host of creative vessels to compliment their huge plant selection: a vintage chicken feeder, mini wooden cabinet, tool caddies and a big, beautiful red metal tool box.

I first met this amazing duo at the Patchwork Market in Durham when Munny was a baby and my booth backed up to theirs. They’ve got young twin boys & were completely understanding of the chaos and challenge kids can bring at a market and to life in general.

Their sweet shop is a lush oasis (Our State Magazine calls it an “urban jungle!”) on a city block, filled to the brim with plants, local art, their own paper goods (ps. they’re wonderful artists to boot!) and eclectic vintage. It’s a heartfelt mash up of all their talents and passions under one roof. Speaking of that roof, the building was abandoned, windows broken, crummy carpet, etc and they took down walls, added windows and made a happy nook for all to enjoy!

There are so many fun gift ideas, like the little nook of quirky erasers, local jewelry, design books, vintage brass or beautifully modern ceramics to go along with their lush greenery.  Please stop by if you’re in the area, or even passing though, you will be all the better for it. I certainly am!

Benefits of Going Green With a Vintage Twist


Did you know that house plants can lower your stress levels? They can also help you be healthier and heal faster. Other green benefits, as mentioned in this HGTV article, include: make our air fresher by removing pollutants, bump up our creativity and concentration, add oxygen and there’s evidence that plant owners are more caring and empathetic. Domain magazine mentions, “Plants help to increase our levels of positivity and make us feel more secure and relaxed. They can also help with loneliness and depression. Caring for a living thing gives us a purpose and is rewarding…”

Yes, please, to all of the above! I like to amp up the happy factor that plants bring into our home with either a classic terracotta pot for texture and simplicity, or, more often, a colorful vintage planter.  Succulents really pop against a cheery yellow McCoy planter! Over the last year, when I’m on the vintage hunt, I’m often drawn to planters…particularly, quirky animals or retro heads. Double the fun and dose of positivity in my opinion!

Posy has a whole stash of creative, colorful or classic planters now in the shop!

In case you need a little guidance when planting succulents, which seems to be the trend that just won’t quit, I found this article by Southern Living Magazine to be helpful. My local nursery walked me through the basics and my succulents have been rocking it! I started with a layer of charcoal and then filled the container with soil meant specifically for succulents (took away the need to mix in sand) and then I only water when the soil’s dry.

Now for the fun part! Pick out your plant and a fun planter and you’re on the way to healthier and happier days!

Here are some planter options in Posy’s shop…ranging from quirky ducks to classic McCoys:

New Year, New Finds


One of my goals for Posy this year, is to have a very full inventory on Etsy, as well as a good stash ready for market.  So, even though it’s only January, I’m mapping out my buying trips, mostly for this summer and beyond. Late winter/spring is a great time for nearby estate sales and auctions.  I enjoy occasionally thrifting, but as I’m still limited on time with a preschooler, I find it’s more effective to go where I can buy a lot at one time. Another Posy goal, is to hone my “elevator pitch” regarding my vintage aesthetic and focus my buying and shop to fit.

There are things I’m always drawn to…books, planters, brass, linens, kitchen and those one-of-a-kind conversation starters…and I want to use this website and my shop, in general, to give you ideas on how to incorporate these pieces in your own decor and home. Vintage does the soul good, in my opinion, and gives your space a layered, lived-in feel which makes everyone comfortable…those living in it or your friends and family visiting. I never know what I’ll find, but as long as it fits under my “vintage comfort” umbrella, I’m going to do my best to get it into my shop to share with you!

A few lovelies currently in Posy’s Etsy shop to help you get cozy, entertain your guests and bring a little green into your space!


Vintage Art


One of my favorite things to collect, both for Posy and for myself, is vintage art. My wonderful customers agree, as I’ve sold every piece I’ve ever acquired for Posy! A goal this year has been to amass a collection of my favorite finds, rather than just a painting here or there, or one thermos or globe, instead of a whole heapful. It makes for a better display and, of course, gives a Posy customer more options.  I’ve gotten really lucky with some fantastic buying trips, particiularly to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Springfield Ohio, and have got a beautiful selection of art in stock!

Vintage Market Days of Asheville, Part 2


In August, we headed back up the mountain to the second annual Vintage Market Days of Asheville.  This go round the promoters tripled the event size by adding an additional building as well as an outdoor midway section with more vendors, food trucks, and live music. Vendor friends from the first Asheville market came back with their A game, doubling and even tripling their booth size as well as bringing additional trailers/vans and employees.  I’m really relieved I stayed with the 10×10 spot, as this market was definitely not in line with the first VMD of Asheville.  Overall, the market was not successful for me, or many of my vendor neighbors.  The crowd just wasn’t there this time…or if they were there, they had a lot more options and space to spread their spending.  It took about an hour and a half before we even started to see customers filter into our building, as the entrance was moved to the new midway section.  I had a lot of time to chat with my neighbors and the consensus is that VMD has so many franchises now (there’s about 7 just in SC and NC alone) that no one market is seeing the kind of numbers we first saw at the March market.  More specific to Posy, I’ve learned that the majority of VMD shoppers are not my target audience.  They’re looking for rusty metal, chippy paint, apple picking ladders, lace, signs, signs and signs…and not vintage signs. Reproduction seems to be a big hit and singular wooden words (think “gather”).

My participation in the Vintage Market Days’ franchise are done, but I look back on these three events thankful for the lessons and focus they’ve given me.  I’m really pleased with my booth setup and can, finally, step away from working on that aspect and focus primarily on filling it with great vintage! I’ve confirmed my shop’s focus and vision of smaller purposeful and personable home goods geared toward my target audience.  Moving ahead, I will work primarily on filling Posy’s Etsy shop to the brim, finding creative ways to cross-promote locally and participate in vintage markets that sell more eclectic, colorful and on trend vintage.

One of the best parts of owning a small business is that you can be flexible and continue to grow and change as each experience focuses your path.  Looking forward to all that’s ahead!

Shots from Vintage Market Days of Asheville:

Same space, very different look! Assembled all three shelves to create a nice wall and had fun adding pops of color with my red thermoses, toolbox and picnic ball.

Never too early to bring out the Christmas, and I’m so glad I did as a few customers scooped up some shiny, festive finds!

Enjoyed walking around the new outdoor section to explore the vintage there!

Vintage Market Days of Charlotte


In June, Posy hit the road again, this time headed for the sweet town of Mooresville, NC and Vintage Market Days of Charlotte.  I came much better prepared…vertical shelving, wide open space in the middle of my booth and tons o’ inventory! In fact, I wasn’t quite sure it’d all fit into the cargo van.

Painted these old boards white to use as shelving and got a couple extra wooden crates for support and additional storage.  A great spot to show off all my favorite planters and smaller tchotchkes.

Quickly sold this foxy apple figurine to a fellow who works at a tattoo parlor and the paint-by-number was scooped up fast!

The horizontal shelves also gave me a great way to safely display this window, which was purchased by a diy-er looking to hang this on her wall.

The children’s formica table and chairs went to a lovely woman for her children to use as an art table, and as thanks for the big purchase, I threw in a sweet 1950’s children’s book!

Vertical shelving to the rescue! These Sterlite, matte gray, beauties came from Walmart and are a cinch to assemble.  Really loved being able to get my inventory at eye level and take full of advantage of my vertical space!

There was one hiccup with Vintage Market Days of Charlotte, in my mind, and it was that the event was adjoined to a permanent antique mall. This created a lot of confusion for shoppers as they’d park at the mall and either think it was the event, only to have to move their car to the other side of the space, or they didn’t realize there was a vintage market event and couldn’t enter through the shared door from the mall into the event space.  If they had done some sort of cross-promotional tie, I think it would’ve really benefited everyone.  I lucked out by having easy access to the mall (and their bathroom) and enjoyed seeing some of their vendors’ displays. How great are these vintage portraits?!

The upside to the event’s location is that it was a short walk to the delicious Barcelona Burger and Beer Garden. We went there twice for dinner…man, their house sauce and those fries…and dessert. I grabbed a few sweet treats on my way home, post-event, for my family!

Overall, this event wasn’t nearly as busy or profitable as the Asheville market, but I’d learned from vendor neighbors that this crowd was more the norm and the Asheville market was an anomaly.  There were some definite positives…meeting new vendors, having my improved space work much better (no more traffic jams or awkward bending for shoppers) and getting to hang with my best friend, Kristen, who came up from South Carolina to help!

Up next, back to Asheville for the August Vintage Market Days!