Vintage Christmas Obsession


Vintage Christmas is one of my favorite things to shop and display! I’m always keeping an eye out for retro holiday…because those details, materials, colors! Festive and quality. This was definitely one of my best holiday collections yet, and based on the amount that sold, I’d say Posy customers are right there with me and my Christmas decor obsession! Pieces came from as far as Ohio and Illinois and as close as the Blue Ridge Parkway, Tennessee and local estate sales. With a year of buying trips and yard sales, I can’t wait to see what I’ll find next…and, of course, which pieces I’ll share in Posy’s shop!
















Felt Ball Garland Tutorial




A felt ball garland is such a fun and bright way to add a splash of color and festivity to your holiday decor…or to any space year round! In case you’re interested in making one on your own, here’s a quick tutorial to show you how: ‘

First, get a strong needle with a bigger eye for lacing yarn or even baker’s twine, your felt balls (my garland uses 50 balls) and a length of yarn (I use just over 10 feet of yarn to get a 9 foot garland) and poke through the center of your felt ball.



Move the ball to toward the end of your yarn, leaving a tail to hang the garland from (I prefer about 6″ of tail at each end).


Now, we want to knot the yarn so that the ball doesn’t move and once the garland is complete, so they won’t all become a tangled mess. Put your needle through a smidge of the ball right in front of where your previous yarn exited (the opposite side of the end tail).


This will create a loop, which I like to hold with my thumb.


You’ll then put the needle through the loop completing the knot.


Give yourself some space, I usually do about 1 3/4″-2″ before adding the next ball.  Continue adding balls until you’ve reached your desired length.  Be sure to leave another tail, the same length as the first, for hanging.


My favorite part of the process is picking colors! Whether you go the random rainbow route, or stick with a sublime pattern, it’s a fun and creative craft that I hope you’ll enjoy!


September Pop Up Raleigh


Posy had a great market at September’s PopUp Raleigh in the Trophy Brewing spot on Maywood!  It was hot as all get out, but luckily, the super friendly Jay, of Jay’s Italian Ice was serving up some delicious mango, lemon, blueberry and cherry delights! I got to talk with lovely fellow vendors, like Raana from Zartiques and Lauren from Lauren Sumner Pottery. One of my favorite moments was when Annette from Wendell Antiques shared some history on the Western prints I ook a train in the 1940’s from California back to North Carolina. Really cool!

Up next, a special Patchwork Market this Saturday, October 8, at the Durham Armory from 12-5pm. Tons of great vendors, music, food and a giveaway tote for the first 100 folks through the door! Hope to see you there.

october-popup-raleigh-2 october-popup-raleigh