Adding vintage to your home


Oftentimes, when I’m at a market, folks ask me for ideas on how to add vintage to their home. They love the funky aesthetic of gas numbers but aren’t quite sure how to incorporate them into their decor. Or they love the whole succulent fad but don’t want to stick them into any ol’ boring pot. Or they want a touch of rusty farm to add some interest to their otherwise traditional space. Not everyone that buys vintage is whole hog into it…they like this but not macrame that. I get it! My house is a blend of hand-me-downs and IKEA/Crate & Barrel/Target/World Market/flea market. But if you ask me about my home, the pieces I’m most animated about are the vintage…the whole cliched “pieces with a story” rings true! It’s much more fun to talk about the soda crate I got off the Blue Ridge Parkway, but not so exciting to tell you about that Target Threshold cabinet I picked up along with some toilet paper. So, I thought of a few goods Posy is currently selling and found great ideas for putting them to use in your space!

I have a red gas number in my son’s room to represent his age, 4, and at his next birthday can move it to another room to highlight how many are in our family. I love the bright contrast of the red against the white walls and amid the other pops of color in this Better Homes and Garden photo:


I sold my first Serape blanket to an authentic character (cowboy hat, boots and job in leather work!) wanting to put it over the bench seat of his truck, but my current Serape could be a beautiful throw for the bedroom like this Urban Outfitters‘ number. They also make a great rug or couch cover.


I went on a bit of a toolbox/tackle box/tool caddy spree this summer, but I love their many uses.  I use my big turquoise carpenter’s chest on the screened porch for tools, painting supplies and ottoman. You can also put in those ever popular succulents or Posy’s long wooden tool caddy would be a beautiful centerpiece that could be filled seasonally!



I love the look and feel of enamelware…the durable metal with the creamy coated finish…especially when there’s bits of rust and wear showing! This gorgeous display would be a Christmas stunner!


Sometimes, I stumble across something so pretty I just have to scoop it up, even if I’m not quite sure how to use it…yet! Posy’s selling sets of 1960’s Reader Digest books and I just love this craft putting them to use that was highlighted in Country Living Magazine!


And sometimes, you just go easy. We’ve currently got some beautiful silver pieces and I love this Apartment Therapy display idea letting the silverware simply shine!


Adding vintage to your home doesn’t have to be scary, or expensive, or all over your house like Grandma’s den, but, instead, it can be fun, colorful and a creative way to include a touch of personality to make your home better reflect you!

Weekend Vintage Market


Summer is over, at least in terms of school starting, and it feels so good to be digging into Posy and getting ready for a bunch of weekend vintage markets lined up for the fall! My booth at Cheshire Cat Gallery in Cameron Village continues to see new deliveries…rusty tool boxes, kids’ books, linens, thermoses, gas numbers and more. Amazingly, I’ll be starting to make the switch-over to more holiday goodies at the end of this month. I’ve got a gorgeous wooden sled, old Charlie Brown-style Christmas lights, and a whole lot of gorgeous ornaments to add some festive flair to the spot! I’ll keep you posted for their arrival as vintage holiday always goes quick!

First up, I’m excited to check out the new location for the wonderfully eclectic PopUp Raleigh vintage market happening at Trophy Brewing on Maywood this Saturday, September 17, 12-5pm…a great vintage and locally-made market. And, bonus, I hear the weather is supposed to be beautiful!











Urban Vintage 2016


Posy had a terrific time at the August Urban Vintage market in the beautiful new event space, Traine, over at Seaboard Station. It was so fun to be in my own neighborhood and see lots of familiar faces! Rick, manager of one of my favorite lunch spots, Seaboard Cafe in Logan’s Nursery, even stopped by to show off the vintage horse art he bought…excited about the die cut technique and old nails on the frame. Urban Vintage is full of awesome vendors who know their stuff and love it! My first two sales were from other vendors, including the lovely Jenni, of SuzAnna’s Antiques.  Zartiques, was our neighbor, for the 3rd time and it was great, as always, to talk shop with Raana who, like Posy, aims to make vintage accessible and fun.  Posy has been stocking up on vintage at these various yard sales and buying trips all summer, and it was awesome to finally get to show it off. This was our best collection yet!  The remaining pieces were delivered to our booth at the Cheshire Cat the following day. Next up, we’ll be heading to PopUp Raleigh  September 17 (12-5pm) at Trophy Brewing. But for now, we’ll just bask in the good vibes of a successful market!

Posy’s booth! Full of bright yellows and colorful finds. Our toolbox collection was a popular spot.


SuzAnna’s Antiques had a festive holiday display!


Retro Modern Furnishings had a beautiful selection…particularly this gorgeous rocking chair:


Field of Poppies had this bright, cheery collection, topped off with handmade cacti from vintage fabrics. Gorgeous display and the friendlies of shopkeepers!


Raana, owner of Zartiques, always brings these must-have pieces that fly out of her booth quick! She took the accessible bit a step further and actually delivered this metal cabinet to help a customer out.  It’s inspiring!


301 Endless Yard Sale


“Endless yard sale” has such a sweet ring to it; doesn’t it?!  I set out early Friday, June 17 for the 301 Endless Yard Sale and began my hunt in Rocky Mount, NC, working my way down to Wilson, NC. I could’ve gone longer in either direction, but honestly, I was worn out! Great deals at nearly every stop and a variety of places to explore…yard sales, sidewalk sales/parking lots, flea markets, established brick and mortar shops, etc. Even had time to stop at Ray’s Diner in Wilson for a delicious blt and refreshing sweet tea. It’s 100 miles of vintage heaven. I scored banana yellow school chairs, plastic gasoline sign numbers, tool boxes galore, a serape blanket, porcelain containers, books, scenic photographs, brass and even a bowling pin. The prices ranged from great deal to out of my price range/the dealer knew what they had. I’ve found that most folks know that vintage is “in,” and will say “that’s old” as soon as I show interest…which usually means good price if you’re interested in keeping it for yourself, but too rich for my dealer blood. The existing flea markets that were already happening leaned more toward the newer household goods (socks, dish soap, clothes, plastic toys) and less so with vintage, so when I go again, I will stay on the 301 path and focus on the parking lot yard sales.

My favorite spot along the 301 Endless Yard Sale was found thanks to a painted wood sign sitting on the 301, Madge’s Garden and Treasure Shop in Sharpsburg, NC (120 Main Street, 27873).  June Atkins, the owner, is just plain awesome! Super friendly, knowledgeable and runs a shop chock full of unique finds! Madge was her grandmother and the shop is in Madge’s old home, open Friday and Saturdays only.  Every nook and cranny has something to see and there are two friendly cats to keep you company. June worked on the garden out front while I got to roam on my own.  When I told her I was looking for succulent vessels, she started pulling things right up in her garden for me to replant at home. She even ran back inside and gave me a gorgeous piece of green pottery for my new plantings. Just awesome! She has dealers that come through regularly, so she keeps her inventory full and interesting.  Definitely worth a stop year round!

June recommended walking over to the A & A Flea Market next door, owned by Autry Pridgen. These names! They’re located at 110 South Main Street. Another spot with lots to look through. I found a colorful serape in terrific shape!

Overall, the 301 Endless Yard Sale was a great day of picking and I’d recommend for dealers and vintage enthusiasts alike!



A picture of Madge takes pride of place:


June moved a pile of goodies blocking an unsuspecting door, to let me into the back room:


Awesome June:







A bit of my haul:




I’m not going to lie. I have to do a spell check whenever I write “Tennessee” but after my days there hunting vintage on Highway 52, I have an appreciation for the state and its friendly people, delicious southern food and great old finds folks were willing to part with! I loaded my car to the brim with all kinds of treasures…a yellow ammo box, tool boxes, thermoses, paint by numbers, ceramic planters, a globe, metal step ladder, soda crates, and more. I’ve been feeling this lull in Posy, post-holidays, and it feels so good to have this new batch of goods to show off online, at markets and in my booth at the Cheshire Cat Gallery.  And this was just the first trip of the summer!

The cherry on top of this trip, was getting to spend a few days with my dad…one of my favorite road-trip partners! We had to play some Loretta Lynn to get into the spirit and shared a slice of Ginger’s 15 pound carrot cake in Westmoreland, TN.  We were joined by his brother, my Uncle Bob, and Aunt Jean. My Illinois-based aunt and uncle are long-time collectors and dealers and it was so awesome to learn from them and see what caught their eye. I remember relaxing over a kid-free breakfast one morning at the hotel, and my uncle, antsy to get on the hunt, said, “We’re burning daylight.” They were good about asking the history of pieces, or what the story is…kind of the whole point with vintage. Anyway, here’s some pics of where we were and what I found!

tennesseetrip_1 tennesseetrip_2

We took a break from the monsoon and headed indoors to an amazing antique mall. Uncle Bob picked up this WWII bomb and when I asked him why he chose that, his response was, “I don’t have one.” Enough said.

tennesseetrip_3 tennesseetrip_4

Folks were surprisingly great when it came to crossing the highway or pulling over without much notice, because an old hotel sign or globe caught our eye!

tennesseetrip_5 tennesseetrip_6 tennesseetrip_7

This one is just for me…every southern gal needs a deviled egg plate!

tennesseetrip_8 americanfamilyscale_1

At the bottom of a box I was rooting around in, I came across this sweet collection of salt and pepper shakers. I also picked up some blue ducks and my favorite, a skunk and tree trunk.


My latest obsession is interesting planters. Seeing as how succulents are about the only green thing I can manage to keep alive, I’m finding all kinds of fun vessels for them. This fine lady was my first purchase on the trip!

ladyheadvase_2 redplaidthermos_3 gemcooilandvinegar_1

Being a small home owner, I love all things storage. So I went a little crazy in the creative storage department with multiple tool boxes, filing cabinets and a bright yellow ammo box. Even the flashlight opens up!


Uncle Bob brought a few things from Illinois and the home where he and my dad grew up, including these cool old tennis ball containers.


If you ever head to Tennessee for some picking, let me know…I can give you a couple of good restaurant suggestions! And I’d love to see what you find!

April Patchwork Market


Morgan Grimm, talented lady and event planner extraordinaire, puts on one good market. I have never been disappointed as a vendor at her Patchwork markets, even when my sales weren’t spectacular. I always leave energized because of the folks I’ve met. So many amazing vendors under one roof, all willing to share ideas (and sometimes granola bars) and talk shop, as well as these terrific customers who are excited to grab a delicious Fullsteam beer and support local makers and small shop owners. I feel like I’m part of something when I’m there…living in this area, this resurgence of small batch, quality goods and creative folks collaborating. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday! (Did I mention I get a 5 hour break from my kids too?! Icing on the cake.)

Photos taken by the lovely couple behind Radian Photography:

Patchwork-15 Patchwork-20