estate sale treasures


I went to my first estate sale not so long ago and am hooked! I went from mildly curious to downright anxious about the whole process as I was hanging out with some estate sale regulars the night before. See, the house was so small folks running the show had a list you could sign to insure your place the actual day. Let me tell you, those were some interesting characters! One woman was so determined not to lose her place in line that she took a picture of the list so she could prove she was number 5 in case someone stole it in the middle of the night…which she says has happened. Another woman, in her 70’s, asked me what I was interested in (we’d all been emailed pictures of some of the items in the house) and I innocently told her that I loved vintage Christmas ornaments. Well, the list lady informed me later that I should never say what I’m looking for, as they’ll snag it first. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep the night before and had butterflies in my stomach the day of. But then, bright and very early, they opened the front door to this cute little 50’s home and it was awesome! I scooped up vintage luggage, kitchenware, Shiny Bright ornaments and a gorgeous 1950’s Motorola wooden radio! I was giddy the rest of the day! I knew I’d do Louise, the home’s former owner, right by placing her bits and pieces into good homes.

So, this week I’m finally getting around to posting my finds in Etsy…but you’ll just have to wait until Christmas to see the real gems!






snow daze


8 snow days. In the south that’s pretty remarkable…and a bit scary when you’ve got a 2 year old and 5 year old all to yourself. Did I mention it was for 8 days?!  Restlessness, boredom and moments of fun all mixed up together looks something like this:

(Sledding on a Rubbermaid lid)


(Hot cocoa break)


(Little kid Heaven!)


(Custom director chair covers)


(Lots of walks)


(Starting a new series of embroidered tea towels.)


(Kids’ placemats coming back to Posy!)


Can’t wait for you to get here spring!!

vintage baby


My favorite outfits the kids have worn are vintage. There’s something so unique and whimsical and fun about dressing them in a bit of the past.  Here’s Olive at Easter (those thighs!) and Munny from his blessing:

053 (2)



So with this in mind, and reminiscing on those special outfits my own kids have worn, I’m thrilled to have loaded the shop with a treasure trove of baby/kids’ vintage! They make such a fun gift for a new mom! Here’s a taste:


love party


A few years ago, Carter and I were talking about where else we’d like to live. Not a lot was happening in Raleigh and neither of us felt particularly grounded here. 8 years later and I can’t imagine being anywhere else! There aren’t enough date nights to cover all the delicious and fun new spots open, particularly in downtown, and Posy has introduced this whole creative world that I’m stoked to be a part of! So…in honor of the love I feel for my local community, both geographically speaking and artistically, Posy’s throwing a Valentine’s “Love Party!”

We are celebrating small businesses and those amazing folks that help others in our community, namely one of my favorite local organizations, The Green Chair Project.

Here are the details:

Where: Deco Raleigh (19 West Hargett Street)

When: Friday, February 13, 5-7pm (The party’s the perfect spot to start your downtown fun for the evening!)

Who: You!

What: There will be yummy local treats, like Oscar Williams‘ insane cotton candy and Two Pounds Mustard, Wine Authorities’ wine (perfect excuse to buy a box o’ wine!) and a basket full of local goods that will be raffled with all proceeds going to Green Chair! A portion of Deco’s sales during the event will also go to Green Chair.

We hope to see you there!