blue ridge parkway


This summer I went on my first vintage-buying trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway and scooped up a car load of gems.  It’s a 3-day miles long adventure along historic US 21. If you’re into picking/thrifting/vintage/bbq, I highly recommend going!

My Nana made one awesome wingwoman…she’s got a great eye and knew what some things were that I didn’t. Of course, she got bitten by the good deal bug and I eventually had to ask (i.e. beg!) her to stop for lunch.

This trip was a dream…getting to hunt down awesome vintage to share through Posy. I hope it’s one of many. I’m ready to roll down the windows, turn up the tunes and take that left off the dirt road and see what I can find!

blue ridge yardsale_1

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urban vintage


I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be a vendor at the new vintage venture, Urban Vintage, being hosted by the lovely Handmaidens! It’s happening August 7 (6-9pm) and August 8 (10am-5pm) in downtown Raleigh’s historic Market Hall. My goodies from the shop will be available as well as small furniture items, Christmas ornaments and whatever other treasures I find between now and then. In fact, I just hit a little tag sale last weekend and scooped up some great pieces (brass Turkish teapot, metal first aid kit, Johnson Brother’s china)! Next weekend, I’m hitting the 3-day road market sale off the Blue Ridge Parkway for more Posy inventory. Hope to see you at Urban Vintage!

urban vintage - vintage market

tagsale goodies


a small business summer


Well, one kid is officially done with school and has begun her summer vacation…i.e. there goes my “free” time. Luckily, Olive, my 5 year old, will still take a quiet hour, but when you’re trying to build an inventory and keep up with all things small business, one hour is but a drop in the bucket. So, I need to take a moment this weekend to regroup and figure out how this summer is going to work. Just this week, I took on another custom project (hemming panel curtains for a nursery) and washed a boatload of new fabric which need to be ironed, cut and sewn into fabulous napkin/placemat sets. Speaking of napkins and placemats, I dropped off a fun batch to DecoRaleigh this week! At night, with the final episodes of “Gilmore Girls” on for company, I’ve been embroidering my veggie character tea towels. Walt and Henry, my mushroom friends, are done (and in the shop!) and I’m half way through Carrot and Beet. Still haven’t decided what summertime activity they’ll be enjoying…catching lightning bugs, maybe?! It’s challenging because I have a lot of energy I want to invest in Posy, but two beautiful babes end up redirecting it their way! Maybe by the weekend’s end I’ll have a brilliant plan in place…fingers crossed!




Mun’s been bitten by the swimming bug! Goggle ready!


Olive helped make my birthday cake look beautiful with sparkly pink gel frosting and a ton o’ sprinkles!


tea towel proud


As I’ve been applying for handmade markets, I’ve realized (duh!) that my Etsy shop is leaning pretty heavy into the vintage side of Posy. But, the funny thing is that most days I’m working on handmade. Like today, I just finished another batch of napkins/placemats headed for Deco this week. I think it’s a case of smoke and mirrors…”look over here folks” while I whittle away at more tea towels, napkins and a pillow-happy custom project. So, in case you’re curious, or hopefully checking me out because I’ve applied for your wonderful market, here’s a little glimpse of tea towels past.

Ps. Another thing I’ve realized is that I need to be more diligent about actually photographing every towel/work that leaves my hands. I’ve been really lucky and have managed to sell every towel I’ve made…like avocado proudly displaying his pit, carrot and beet sharing ice cream, little lemon on a tree swing, juggling bell pepper and, of course, my favorite…the escapades of mushroom buddies Walt and Henry…so from now on, more pictures, more evidence of handmade work and more chocolate. (Sorry, that last one’s more for me and less for you…helps with the waiting of market news!)




These gals are vintage cross stitch patterns and are among some of my favorite designs!




advent calendar brainstorming


Yes, I’m already thinking about Christmas. In fact, I started embroidering acorn ornaments just yesterday. The last couple of years have taught me a lesson or two about preparation. So, while I’ll be making the usual suspects (ornaments, stockings, felt ball garlands, embroidered holiday towels, and holiday linens) I thought I’d add something new to the mix. (Side note: I have a feeling future me isn’t going to be so happy with present me!) I’d really like to do a modern advent calendar, so I’ve been brainstorming and checking out some designs online. These are my faves so far:

The first is Land of Nod but they no longer have this one available. I really like the wooden dowel idea for hanging!

handmade advent calendar

This bright felt number is from the fabulous Purl Bee:


Another Land of Nod, but again, no longer available: