One of my goals for Posy this year, is to have a very full inventory on Etsy, as well as a good stash ready for market.  So, even though it’s only January, I’m mapping out my buying trips, mostly for this summer and beyond. Late winter/spring is a great time for nearby estate sales and auctions.  I enjoy occasionally thrifting, but as I’m still limited on time with a preschooler, I find it’s more effective to go where I can buy a lot at one time. Another Posy goal, is to hone my “elevator pitch” regarding my vintage aesthetic and focus my buying and shop to fit.

There are things I’m always drawn to…books, planters, brass, linens, kitchen and those one-of-a-kind conversation starters…and I want to use this website and my shop, in general, to give you ideas on how to incorporate these pieces in your own decor and home. Vintage does the soul good, in my opinion, and gives your space a layered, lived-in feel which makes everyone comfortable…those living in it or your friends and family visiting. I never know what I’ll find, but as long as it fits under my “vintage comfort” umbrella, I’m going to do my best to get it into my shop to share with you!

A few lovelies currently in Posy’s Etsy shop to help you get cozy, entertain your guests and bring a little green into your space!


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