So very happy to announce that Posy’s vintage wares can now be found at the lovely Tiny Greenhouse (@thetinygreenhouse), owned by Suzanne and Edgar, in Greensboro, NC!!  I’ve delivered them a whole host of creative vessels to compliment their huge plant selection: a vintage chicken feeder, mini wooden cabinet, tool caddies and a big, beautiful red metal tool box.

I first met this amazing duo at the Patchwork Market in Durham when Munny was a baby and my booth backed up to theirs. They’ve got young twin boys & were completely understanding of the chaos and challenge kids can bring at a market and to life in general.

Their sweet shop is a lush oasis (Our State Magazine calls it an “urban jungle!”) on a city block, filled to the brim with plants, local art, their own paper goods (ps. they’re wonderful artists to boot!) and eclectic vintage. It’s a heartfelt mash up of all their talents and passions under one roof. Speaking of that roof, the building was abandoned, windows broken, crummy carpet, etc and they took down walls, added windows and made a happy nook for all to enjoy!

There are so many fun gift ideas, like the little nook of quirky erasers, local jewelry, design books, vintage brass or beautifully modern ceramics to go along with their lush greenery.  Please stop by if you’re in the area, or even passing though, you will be all the better for it. I certainly am!

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