I’m so excited to share some fun news I’ve been working hard on! The Posy Post, Posy’s new monthly newsletter, went live today!

While researching ideas, I came across this quote about the difference between a blog (in Posy’s case a journal) and a newsletter, and realized it’s exactly my goal with both.  Mack Collier writes, “A blog is a tool you use to meet new people, whereas a newsletter is a tool you use to make a deeper connection with people you already know.”

My hope with the March newsletter is to let folks know about Posy’s journal, here, so if you want to dig in on all things vintage, you’ve got a reliable resource.  And then moving forward I’d like the newsletter to be a way to get into the nitty gritty of hunting vintage, owning a vintage shop and the ups & downs of both!

So, sign up if you want to join the fun (check out the right hand toolbar or click on the image below) and let me know what kinds of things you’re interested in finding in the newsletter. Cheers!

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