I’ve been thinking a lot about vintage and what obstacles there might be for someone “new to the game” that could keep them from including vintage in their home.  I’m hoping through these journal posts and the pics posted on Posy’s Instagram account, I can show you the accessibility of vintage decor.  Common questions I get from Posy customers include “does it smell” and “is it soft?”  Posy’s mission is to sell vintage goods that are truly useful and/or add some personalized history to your home…minus the mildew, stale scents & sticky goo. My goal is for you to take your Posy treasure home from a market or have it delivered to your door, ready to go!

The whole point of buying vintage from a dealer, in my opinion, is that they’ve done the tough work…the finding, inspecting, cleaning, repairing, etc. and all you have to do is decide where to put it in your space!  I like a good patina, and I want my vintage to look like vintage, but I also don’t want to have to get a tetanus shot.  And I don’t want you to walk away from an amazing find because it’s so dirty you don’t even want to touch it.  What’s the point of that?!

Tools of my trade include the wonderful Goo Gone, steel wool, leather wipes, Method’s almond wood polish, a toothbrush, tons and tons of rags, a mouse sander, vinegar, baking soda, microfiber cloths and the Clorox bleach pen. I love seeing a good transformation and could gaze at before-and-after’s all day! Luckily, the pieces I’ve been finding lately, have only required a little elbow grease.  If there’s a vintage piece you already own and don’t know how to care for it or clean it up, let me know and hopefully I can help or point you in the right direction!  I recently discovered, thanks to Instagram, that you can use ketchup to remove tarnish from brass. Amazing!









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  1. This is exactly how I felt about vintage before you started your shop and opened my eyes. Would love to see some before-and-after posts on IG!!

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