At the beginning of the year, I decided that Posy needed to narrow down where we’re selling so that we’d have a fuller inventory in those venues.  Long story short, I felt that rather than trying to do as many small markets as I could, I’d focus on acquiring more vintage and doing bigger markets, like Vintage Market Days. Pop-ups are much more frequent, which is great if you’re a shopper, but not so much if you’re a seller. Many vendor friends were feeling the same drop in sales and were taking to broadening their market scope to regional spots.  My plan worked well…at first!

In March, we headed up to Asheville for their first Vintage Market Days at the WNC Agricultural Center in Fletcher, NC. It was beyond intimidating and I was definitely unprepared for the amount of folks in attendance and the amount of sales I’d make. I was so panicked I wouldn’t have enough inventory to get me through the rest of the weekend, after day 1, that I scooted out of there fast and hit the thrift shops in hopes of finding more good vintage to sell. I came up with just a few milk glass vases, which ironically, were the first things sold the very next morning.  I made some new friends, particularly the amazing Connie Caldwell of Brevard’s Burlap and Lace. And left feeling confident in my picking, as customers were equally excited about the vintage I had to offer.  I learned about what did and didn’t work in terms of my display…more vertical and needed better flow…and left feeling inspired to make my market spaces a truly fun and easy experience for the customer.

Vintage Market Days of Asheville:

So nice to have live music at the event!

So many interesting treasures to see in all of our fellow vendors’ booths!

Dad came along for the ride to help with the heavy lifting and moral support! 

Happy Posy customers showing off their pretty score! 

Quickly sold most of my furniture pieces, not leaving me a lot of display space.  Remedied this by the next VMD market with easy-to-assemble vertical shelving.

New friend Connie and her talented sister, tucked into Connie’s lovely booth Burlap and Lace.

Up next, summer market in Mooresville, NC for Vintage Market Days of Charlotte!

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