In June, Posy hit the road again, this time headed for the sweet town of Mooresville, NC and Vintage Market Days of Charlotte.  I came much better prepared…vertical shelving, wide open space in the middle of my booth and tons o’ inventory! In fact, I wasn’t quite sure it’d all fit into the cargo van.

Painted these old boards white to use as shelving and got a couple extra wooden crates for support and additional storage.  A great spot to show off all my favorite planters and smaller tchotchkes.

Quickly sold this foxy apple figurine to a fellow who works at a tattoo parlor and the paint-by-number was scooped up fast!

The horizontal shelves also gave me a great way to safely display this window, which was purchased by a diy-er looking to hang this on her wall.

The children’s formica table and chairs went to a lovely woman for her children to use as an art table, and as thanks for the big purchase, I threw in a sweet 1950’s children’s book!

Vertical shelving to the rescue! These Sterlite, matte gray, beauties came from Walmart and are a cinch to assemble.  Really loved being able to get my inventory at eye level and take full of advantage of my vertical space!

There was one hiccup with Vintage Market Days of Charlotte, in my mind, and it was that the event was adjoined to a permanent antique mall. This created a lot of confusion for shoppers as they’d park at the mall and either think it was the event, only to have to move their car to the other side of the space, or they didn’t realize there was a vintage market event and couldn’t enter through the shared door from the mall into the event space.  If they had done some sort of cross-promotional tie, I think it would’ve really benefited everyone.  I lucked out by having easy access to the mall (and their bathroom) and enjoyed seeing some of their vendors’ displays. How great are these vintage portraits?!

The upside to the event’s location is that it was a short walk to the delicious Barcelona Burger and Beer Garden. We went there twice for dinner…man, their house sauce and those fries…and dessert. I grabbed a few sweet treats on my way home, post-event, for my family!

Overall, this event wasn’t nearly as busy or profitable as the Asheville market, but I’d learned from vendor neighbors that this crowd was more the norm and the Asheville market was an anomaly.  There were some definite positives…meeting new vendors, having my improved space work much better (no more traffic jams or awkward bending for shoppers) and getting to hang with my best friend, Kristen, who came up from South Carolina to help!

Up next, back to Asheville for the August Vintage Market Days!

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